Source code for

SatNOGS support info module
import json
import platform
from datetime import datetime, timezone

import psutil

from satnogsconfig._version import get_versions
from satnogsconfig.helpers import apt

__version__ = get_versions()['version']

del get_versions

[docs]class Support(): """ Create support information to be used for reporting bugs """ def __init__(self, config, satnogs_setup, ansible): """ Class constructor """ self._config = config self._satnogs_setup = satnogs_setup self._ansible = ansible @property def info(self): """ Support information :return: Support information dictionary :rtype: dict """ config = self._config.config.copy() redacted_keys = ['satnogs_api_token'] for key in redacted_keys: if config.get(key) is not None: config[key] = '[redacted]' data = { "versions": { "satnogs-client": self._satnogs_setup.satnogs_client_version, "satnogs-client-ansible": self._satnogs_setup.satnogs_client_ansible_version, "satnogs-flowgraphs": self._satnogs_setup.satnogs_flowgraphs_version, "gr-satnogs": self._satnogs_setup.gr_satnogs_version, "gr-soapy": self._satnogs_setup.gr_soapy_version, "gnuradio": self._satnogs_setup.gnuradio_version, "satnogs-config": __version__, }, "state": { "is-applied": self._satnogs_setup.is_applied, "pending-tags": None, }, "system": { "date":, "distribution": apt.get_distro(), "pending-updates": apt.has_updates(), "platform": dict(platform.uname()._asdict()), "memory": dict(psutil.virtual_memory()._asdict()), "disk": dict(psutil.disk_usage('/')._asdict()), }, "configuration": config, } tags = self._satnogs_setup.tags if tags: data['state']['pending-tags'] = list(tags) return data
[docs] def dump(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Dump support information :return: JSON dump of support information :rtype: str """ return json.dumps(, *args, **kwargs)