Developer guide


To install SatNOGS Config for development run in the project root directory:

$ pip install -e .


This project uses python-dotenv. Configuration of satnogsconfig/ can be overridden by setting the respective environment variables or an .env file placed on the project root directory.


SatNOGS Config functionality can be extended by implementing additional helpers. The helpers are used to enhance menu functionality beyond the core function of generating a YAML file for Ansible.

Modifying the menu

The menu itself is also expressed in YAML format. The menu structure is defined in menu.yml file and shipped along with the package.

Code Quality Assurance

The following code quality assurance tools are used in this project:

  • flake8

  • isort

  • yapf

  • pylint


tox is used to automate development tasks. To execute the default list of tasks run:

$ tox