These installation steps are intended to be used for contributing to the satnogs-client codebase. If you are interested in setting up satnogs-client for your ground station check the wiki.

Requirements: You will need python, python-virtualenvwrapper, pip and git

  1. Install the dependencies

    SatNOGS client depends on libhamlib2 Python bindings. In Debian, these bindings are provided by installing python3-libhamlib2 package.

  2. Build the environment

    Clone source code from the repository:

    $ git clone

    Set up the virtual environment. On first run you should create it and link it to your project path.:

    $ cd satnogs-client
    $ mkvirtualenv --system-site-packages satnogs-client -a .

    Activate your python virtual environment:

    $ workon satnogs-client

    Install local development requirements:

    $ pip install -e .
  3. Run the client

    Create an .env file on the project root and configure the client environment variables.

    Run satnogs-client:

    $ satnogs-client