SatNOGS Station Architecture

Installed components


SatNOGS Station Components Overview

  • satnogs-flowgraphs: Provide the generic & satellites specific Gnuradio flowgraphs.

  • gr-soapy: A GNURadio wrapper for the SoapySDR library.

  • gr-satnogs: Gnuradio Out-Of-Tree Module with blocks required by satnogs-flowgraphs, e.g. a waterfall sink.

  • satnogs-client-ansible: The ansible playbook & roles for setting up and configuring a SatNOGS Station.

  • satnogs-config: SatNOGS client system configuration utility. Invokes roles from satnogs-client ansible for applying the actual setup & configuration.

  • satnogs-client: Python Daemon which fetches jobs from SatNOGS network, controls rotators (via hamlib), invokes flowgraphs from satnogs-flowgraphs for reception and finally uploads the observation results to satnogs-network. Optionally also uploads “SatNOGS artifacts” to satnogs-db.