VirtualEnv InstallationΒΆ

Requirements: You will need python, python-virtualenvwrapper, pip and git

  1. Build the environment

    Clone source code from the repository:

    $ git clone

    Set up the virtual environment. On first run you should create it and link it to your project path.:

    $ cd satnogs-db
    $ mkvirtualenv satnogs-db -a .

    Set your environmental variables:

    $ cp env-dist .env

    Activate your python virtual environment:

    $ workon satnogs-db

    Install local development requirements:

    $ (satnogs-db)$ pip install -r requirements/dev.txt
  2. Database

    Create, setup and populate the database with demo data:

    (satnogs-db)$ ./ initialize
  3. Run it!

Just run it:

(satnogs-db)$ ./ runserver

Your satnogs-db development instance is available in localhost:8000. Go hack!